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Cash Processing Solution

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Cash Management Outsourcing Service

Julong Co., Ltd. began to engage in the development of cash management outsourcing service since 2012. And gradually establish and improve the cash sorting management, escort management, audit supervision and other management system with the rapid development and long-term business development strategy of Julong.

Banknote sorting as an important node in the cash overall solution, the services that we provide to our clients include: sorting of banknotes for ATM and damaged banknotes, destruction of damaged banknotes, duplication of damaged banknotes, on-site banknotes collection and check service and sent currency to central bank commissioned by commercial bank service. In addition to these main services, we can also customize the personalized service according to the needs of customers.

Service Processing System

Julong are experienced about customization and optimization for banknote processing business, all the banknote processing, operations can be monitored, information can be traced back to ensure low business operations risk, make sure the safe and stable operation of strategic control and technical operations.

Cooperation and Operation Mode

1. Stationed type sorting outsourcing service (commercial banks / central bank)

Description: working area and equipment provided by the client. Our company provides professional management and sorting staffs, in accordance with the vault management system to carry out sorting and counting service.

2. Sorting service relying on the central bank/ commercial bank

Description: relying on financial institutions to carry out the socialization sorting of external. Can rely on commercial banks, central bank and escort companies. Our company does planning and decoration for the working area, monitoring equipment and sorting equipment according to the actual needs, arrangements for the professional management and sorting staff to carry out services based on our company's professional information management system.

3. Independently operated cash processing center

Description: Julong establishment of an independent banknote sorting operations center, hire security team, establishment efficient and secure cash vault, provide trailer storage, banknotes counting and sorting and other diversified cash services for commercial banks.

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