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Cash Processing Solution

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For the “Overall cash handle solutions”, Julong developed the Intelligent Cash Operations Management Platform. The purpose is to help the central bank, local commercial banks and other institutions management their currency more efficient and professional. This system can be used to achieve the application of the currency turnover and payment and online processing of currency transfer between two or more banks. Also includes the function of re-count and destruction for damaged currency. We provide personalized and customized services for our customers and our services can apply to any cash centers.

Enable to check the exact state of currency.

Our safety and accurately tracking system can track all the details of each transaction includes the location of the currency, the operator of each step of the transaction, the operation time, etc. This is due to the secure guarantee of RFID card. Our engineers will develop the system interface that you need and in order to ensure our management platform can meet your needs. The system supports the database for Oracle and Mysql.

Inventory intelligent management

The warehouse keeper manages the treasury access electronically by using Intelligent Cash Operations Integrated Management Platform, PDA terminal and scanning door (For example, warehouse keeper can check the storage of various locations, as well as the details of the goods, including operating time and currency type, etc.). After the banknotes into the storage, system will automatically allocate storage location for new arrival goods. The system will automatically do the currency storage management under the First In First Out logic. The warehouse keeper can also reposition the location of the goods in warehouse by electronic operation. This system is design and development by Julong and it has been serving in the large banks in domestic. Compared to the traditional management model, we save a lot of manpower and material costs for our customers.

Other advantages

By querying the RFID tag number, you can track all process details from into the storage to out of the storage.

Strict approval mechanisms and operational process ensure the absolute security of cash in the transaction.

Single management platform operation ensures that data sources are uniquely accurate.

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