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JL116 Banknote Shrink Wrapping Machine

Product Highlight

Energy saving, wide application

Equipped with PID intelligent control system and high efficiency heating source that enable the temperature is under control, which makes the temperature become more precise and stable.

Material cost (less than 0.1 USD) is reduced by using environmental protection POE material. Our film can be used in any region (including alpine area) with high resilience and aging resistance performance.

Easy to operate, intuitive to use

Security and time detecting system along with large LED color display provides a clear processing procedure. Man-machine interaction setting and breakdown notice function help to reduce working steps, make an easy and fast operation.

Reduce working steps

Bundle information will be automatically created and printed on tapes by thermal printer, which requires no manual work, improves working efficiency.

Safe and reliable printing technology

JL116 enables to print bundle information on tapes, which reduce risks caused by manual operation. Any changes for bundle information is easy without any cost.

Any damaged, musty or damp banknotes are eliminated

Banknote bundles with plastic package help to avoid damaging currency because of balanced stress within bundles.

Thermal shrink-wrapping package is capable of exhausting moisture contained in banknote, while the packaged banknote will be insulated with totally enclosed thermal shrink film, which effectively solve the issues occurred in banknote bundling and package at musty and damp regions.


Technical Information

Shrink Wrapping Speed:

3 bundles/min (1000 notes/bundle)

Tape Width:

75mm PE film



Power Supply: 

 220V±10% 50Hz

Power Consumption:

3KW max < 0.6KW average


1150mm (W) x 820mm (D) x 1370mm (H)



Certification CQC CE

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