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Strapping and Binding Series

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JL112 Automated Banknote Strapping Machine

Advanced technology

  • Zero waiting time with Julong patented instant heating technology.
  • Power consumption dropped to less than 10 Watts in stand-by mode from 100 Watts during strapping.
  • LED display show any problem or malfunction occurs with easy-to-remember error code.
  • Tape can be standard plastic tape, or pre-printed tape as the customers' request.

Easy to Use and Operate

  • Tape arch, tension and sealing temperature are able to be adjusted easily. JL112 is allowed to strap in more manners, including 100 notes a bundle, 10 bundles or any manners as your need.
  • Users can select fully automated or semi-automated operation mode as their request. The strapping can be started as soon as the pack inserted under the arch.


With its outstanding capability, JL112 Fully Automatic Banknote Strapping Machine brings more benefits to your business process as it enables you to:

  • Increase productivity with advanced technology which allows our users to complete their work faster and more efficient.
  • Enhanced service quality with tightly and neatly strapped banknotes.
  • Reduce operational cost and provide product of equivalent quality.

Technical Specifications 

Strapping Speed:

3.5 seconds per strap

Tape Width:




Power Supply

220V±10% 50Hz

Power Consumption


580mm (W) x 370mm (D) x 425mm (H)





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