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Strapping and Binding Series

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JL109 Fully Automated Strapping Machine

JL109 double-cross 1000 banknotes into one bundle simultaneously within 20 seconds. In addition, it applies not only three straps (one along and two across), but also bonds the three straps together. 

Advanced Technology

  • Zero waiting time with Julong patented instant heating technology.
  • Power consumption dropped to less than 25 Watts in stand-by mode from 300 Watts during strapping.
  • LCD display shows any problem or malfunction occurs with easy-to-remember error code.
  • Environmental protection plastic tape.

Easy to Use and Operate

  • JL109 equipped with three individual tape arches. Tape tension, sealing temperature and strapping patterns (double or single cross-strapping) are able to be adjusted easily.
  • Featured with an easy to use and operate menu, JL109 allows operators to adjust all parameters as their request.
  • An easy tape loading realized by wide opening of lower cover. Three rolls of tape are stored inside bottom part of our machine.


With its outstanding capacity, JL109 Fully Automated Strapping Machine brings more benefits to your business process as it enables you to:

  • Increase productivity with advanced technology which allows our users to complete their work and more efficient.
  • Enhanced service quality with tightly and neatly strapped banknotes.
  • Reduce operational cost and provide product of equivalent quality.

Technical Information

Strapping Speed:

20 seconds for a full double cross-strap

Tape Width:




Power Supply:

220V±10% 50Hz

Power Consumption:



466mm (W) x 72mm (D) x 1172mm (H)