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JL8210/JL8220 Cash Recycling System

Julong cash recycling system provides high cash processing performance with flexible functionalists, including cash dispensing, deposit, fund transfer, statement inquiry, value-added service, and 24 hours×7 days monitoring, series number recognition integrated with quick response code technology ensures safety transactions, higher customer satisfaction and more benefits.

Technical information

Controlling Unit:

Operating System: Window XP/WIN 7 (32 bit)
RAM: 2G DDR2 (extendable)
CPU Intel Core 2.8 GHz (extendable)
HDC: 500G (extendable)

Display Screen:

15’’ LCD touch screen
Sunlight visible
Privacy filters (opt.)
Resolution: 1024*768

Bank Card Reader:

Motorized card reader, compatible magnetic card and IC card
Complaint EMV Level 4.0  
PBOC3.0 certification

Receipt Printer:

Thermal printer, support graphical printing
Paper shortage alarm
Printable width: 80mm   
Roll of paper diameter: φ180mm
Black mark printing

Journal Printer:

Dot printer
Paper shortage alarm
Printable width: 76mm   
Roll of paper diameter: φ80mm

Electrical Journal:

Large capacity E-journal memory enables to keep journal information

Contactless IC Card
Reader (opt.):

Support contactless cards that compliant ISO 14443-3/4 standard, such as S50, S70, UL, MIFARE, and TYPEA&TYPEB
Multiple types of cards recognition
Get EMV contactless Level 1 certification

Banknote Processing Module:

Banknote Processing Speed: 8 notes/second
Number of Cassette: recycling cassette*4(3), retract cassette*1
Cassette Capacity: recycling cassette:3,000 notes /3400 notes
                                   retract  cassette: 2,000 notes /2800 notes       

Code keyboard:

Waterproof, dust proof and explosion proof metal keyboard, voice prompt
Support DES/3DES encryption


UL 291

Communication Protocol:

Support TC/IP Communication Protocol
Configuration TC/IP Network interface 

Application Protocol:

Support ISO8583 and NDC+/DDC certification
Compliant EMV Level 2 standard

Uninterruptible Power Supply:

UPS (opt.)

Working Environment:

Temperature: 0℃-40℃
Relative humidity: 20%-90% (non-condensing)


Lobby (JL8210) Through-the-Wall (JL8220)

Dimensions and Weight:

Dimensions: 560×835×1560 mm (W×D×H)
Weight: 550 kg (JL8210)
 Dimensions: 650×1300×1860 mm (W×D×H) 
Weight: 600 kg (JL8220)

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