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Banknote Sorting Machines

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JL8255 Cash Deposit Machine

JL8255 would be an ideal solution for retail cash management, bank and CIT service optimization which made by Julong Co., Ltd. 


With its outstanding technologies such as banknote authentication, serial number tracking and other leading technologies, it can be suitable for any location, indoor or outdoor. Applied in many scenarios and institutions where big volume cash transaction take place and ensure a secure transaction environment. Configured with the latest teachnology which greatly improves the efficiency while maintaining its large capacity.

Product Highlight

1. Non-stop deposit, large capacity cash bag with automatic locking function (patented).
2. Real-time dynamic cash data management.
3. User friendly interface, easier account reconciliation.
4. Easy to network, supporting current Internet and IOT environment.
5. Optimize cash flow, reduce the cost and risks of operation.
6. Multi-currencies with coins deposit (opt.)
7. Unfit notes and cheque manually deposit facilities.


Gas Station
Telecom Company
Shopping Mall

Technical Information

Controlling Unit: Industrial Grade Embedded System
Operation Systems: Windows 7   32bits
Memory: 4G
Hard Disk: 128G SSD
Customer Interface:

10.1 Inch Touch Screen
58mm Thermal Printer

Processing Module:

Hopper: 500 notes
Stacker: 200 notes
Reject Stacker: 100 notes
Processing Speed: 1000 notes/min
Cash Bag Capacity: 20,000 notes



Network Connectivity: Standard TCP-IP connection
Wifi (opt.)
IOT (opt.)

CCC Certify
Mechanical combination lock, Electronic lock (opt.)

Dimension: 420*600*1366mm (W x D x H)

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