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Julong shares: to participate in the investment of InvesTarget Julong and establish "investment bank + Fund" operation mode


Julong Co., Ltd. announced that be jointly funded for the establishment of Ningbo InvesTarget Julong investment partnership enterprise with Shanghai Aifu, Shanghai Qinxi, Ningbo Yaoshun, CITIC Securities and Hangzhou Bank in order to help the layout of listed companies, to finish the research of new technologies and new business reserves.

Over the years, Julong Co., Ltd. committed to develop the currency circulation and intelligent management service, and formation the core business segments of intelligent equipment, cash flow management system and third-party operations. In addition, the company also extended the supply chain management of community convenience store and computer vision technology of electronics products.

The establishment of mergers and acquisitions fund is the positive response for "One belt, one road" policy. The aim is to direct or indirect equity investment, quasi-equity investment or engages in activities related to equity investment to the affected overseas enterprises, industries or related fields form a scale effect or industry synergies with the main business and other strategic transformation operations of Julong.

The main investment countries of the M & A fund include: US, UK, Germany, Israel, Japan, Korea, India and other overseas markets. The main areas of investment include: artificial intelligence, large data financial technology and intelligent manufacturing. The key investment direction includes the digital currency block chain technology, computer vision, intelligent robot technology, financial intelligence equipment and the company's existing business in the current or long-term formation of strong or complementary frontier technology.

Julong Co., Ltd. will give full advantages with our partnership through mergers, acquisitions and integration, and constantly improve the overseas distribution of listed companies in China to enhance its comprehensive competitiveness and fund investors to create long-term value to enhance the cooperation of the party's mutual benefit and win-win situation.

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