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Follow the pace of “One Belt, one road”, laid the foundation for the operations of trans-boundary Chinese Yuan


The training courses on China-Mongolian cross-border Chinese Yuan transaction and cash management (CNY) held in Inner Mongolia (China)into the seconded day. Dr. Frank Feng from the National Financial Security and System Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center and Peiqing Cui, the vice-general manager of National Financial Security and Banking Services Training Company has a deep communication about the cash flow management, and anti-counterfeit with guests.

The representative of Mongolian delegation mentioned that economic relationship between Mongolia and China become more and closer in recent years, Mongolian demand for the knowledge about circulation and management of Chinese Yuan. In order to ensure the economic and trade exchanges between two countries, the National Financial Security and Systems Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center has brought the most detailed program for Mongolian.

In the morning, Peiqing Cui introduce the development process of the Chinese Yuan, security features, counterfeit money type and other related knowledge to 100 representatives from 30 commercial banks and commercial institutions in China and Mongolian. Peiqing Cui send a set of counterfeit Chinese Yuan to every representatives, so they can have a close look on counterfeit money and have a better understanding of how to anti counterfeit Chinese Yuan. Representatives ask a lot of questions and they all got the satisfied answer from Peiqing Cui. Representatives highly appreciated this training course and he said that during the implementation process of “One Belt, One Road” policy, China and Mongolia cooperate in more areas, it is important that make sure the safe and rapid circulation of the Chinese Yuan. The anti-counterfeit knowledge training for two countries consolidate the foundation for next in-depth cooperation and “One belt, One Road” cooperation between two countries.

During the process of depth developing the “One Belt, One Road” policy, the cash flow management is an essential part. The industry's senior expert Dr. Frank Feng has a deep communication with representatives. He said that over the past few years, the National Financial Security and System Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center has accumulated many successful experiences both at domestic and overseas. During the cash flow management process, a complete solution involving the bank outlets, cash centers, central bank issuers and other nodes has been built in the domestic digital financial services platform. He hopes to introduce the domestic mature digital financial services platform to the commercial banks and institutions in Mongolian.

Then, Dr. Feng and the guests came to the exhibition hall and have a deep communication and talking about the machines for the bank's financial services. In this regard, the guests have a strong interest. Frank Feng said that with the development trend of the financial industry, the National Financial Security and System Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center can provide flagship class, small micro-mobile, mobile network integrated solutions to ensure that the Chinese Yuan in the circulation process safe and efficient. At the same time, at the present stage, based on the existing socialized clearing project, a large data platform is established to record and manage the number of all sorting notes and establish a one-stop platform for data service. Improve the recording and management of serial number and corresponding information, to solve the problem of ATM serial number, promote the scanning equipment to help commercial banks to solve the problem of yellow and blue marks. In the process of banknotes transfer, establishment of logistics and information flow platform based on the serial number, and establishment of paper money turnover, circulation, safe pilot operation, continue to enhance the demonstration of existing projects. At the moment, we have launched the anti-counterfeit Chinese Yuan training and overall management program for crown number in many countries and regions. For example, in Myanmar, integrate the local central bank. At same time launch the anti-counterfeit Chinese Yuan training and overall management program for crown number, effectively makes Chinese Yuan expansion and implementation under the “One Belt One Road” policy in the local.

After more than 100 days of training, more than 100 participants recognized the financial system solutions of the National Financial Security and System Equipment Technology Research Center, and were interested and highly appraised the digital financial services platform and the knowledge of Chinese Yuan counterfeiting series


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